Real Estate Investing for You

Posted by Christopher Moore // April 19, 2018

Real Estate investing has so many options out there that keep the market moving. Motivated sellers with Cash buyers and the uptick of homeowners selling without an agent (FSBO) have changed the market in the wake of House Flipping on national television. Companies forming with very organized teams containing Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Contractors and […]

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Buy and Hold | 5 Tips To Help Close Bank Owned Properties

Posted by Christopher Moore // April 12, 2018

Did you know that thousands of properties are owned by banks today? Each day new homes are added to their inventory lists due to properties that have been foreclosed. Investors understand that no bank wants to own homes. That is not the scope of their business. They want to earn money by lending it to […]

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Your First Investment Purchase Checklist

Posted by Christopher Moore // March 22, 2018

Unexpected issues can occur any time that you buy and sell real estate. New investors, however, are more prone to making mistakes as they are not yet familiar with the process for real estate investing.  Determining what your goals are, whether it is a buy and hold proposition or for use as rental properties, will […]

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5 Things You Should Do to Your Rental Property Annually

Posted by Christopher Moore // March 15, 2018

There’s much more to real estate investing than purchasing prime properties. Maintaining your property is key to maximizing your investment, especially when it comes to buy and hold properties. Regular upkeep will make your rental properties more appealing to new tenants and encourage current tenants to stay longer. Here are a few ways you can […]

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3 Ways To Find Great Deals From Absentee Owners

Posted by Christopher Moore // March 1, 2018

Real estate investors are always on the lookout for good real estate investing opportunities that others may not have found. They know that absentee owners offer an excellent opportunity for profits because they are typically motivated to sell.  These could be amateur owners who invested without fully grasping what this kind of business model entailed, […]

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Closing A Deal and How To Deal With Common Hurdles

Posted by Christopher Moore // February 22, 2018

We have heard the scenario hundreds of times from our real estate investors who buy and sell real estate. They spend hours negotiating deals, and right when they think they have reached an agreement, a complication arises and causes a delay. Even cash buyers end up dealing with such a scenario. So how do you […]

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Real Estate Career

Posted by blogger // February 15, 2018

Your performance in the first 100 days can set the tone for how your new real estate does in the long-term. Decisions made during this time are often critical. Therefore, it is wise to have all the tools you need to avoid common pitfalls that could break your business. Read on to know what common […]

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Money Management Tips For New Real Estate Investors

Posted by blogger // February 8, 2018

Money management is not a subject that most people like to delve in, but it is necessary when investing in real estate. The money-making opportunities in the property market have made it a popular choice for individuals looking to park or grow their wealth.  When it comes to real estate investing, a person can make […]

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Are You Ready to Purchase a Rental Property?

Posted by Christopher Moore // February 5, 2018

A rental property is an excellent addition to your investment portfolio especially if you want a steady stream of monthly cash flow and you can wait for your property to appreciate over time. However, not every opportunity to buy a rental property is the right opportunity. Read on to know if you are ready to […]

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How to Close Your First Deal in 60 Days

Posted by Christopher Moore // February 3, 2018

To some, closing your first deal in 60 days may sound overambitious. This is especially true if you have spent several months just looking for the right property for investment with no luck. Fortunately, the truth is that it certainly can be done. In this article we’ll shed some light on how to purchase your inaugural […]

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